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Winter Wonderlands

Winter is upon us. The days are shorter, temperatures are lower, and holiday drinks are abundant. We can't help but boast to our friends up north when this time of year rolls around. While poking fun at our northern friends can be fun, we are curious to know how a white winter feels day in and day out.

For the past two years, we have asked our newsletter audience to send photos of their kind of winter. We asked for pictures from their front porch, and we offered to do the same. We received so many great responses! Some funny, some a little gloomy, but we loved the conversation and being able to swap stories with our future residents! Here are a few of our favorites:

"Cold…Cold...Cold...Snow...Snow...Snow…Pretty well sums it up!"
Freddie P. Canada

"Today, it was a sunny brisk -23 Celsius at 10:30 am with an approaching snowstorm that will start this evening and last until Wednesday morning. It doesn't get much better than that."
Jacques T. Canada

"This is our event in Almonte, Ontario, Canada called 'Light Up the Night.'  They block off the street downtown, put up an outdoor stage, and have local entertainers sing Christmas and Country music.  Vendors serve up hot drinks, mulled cider, and appetizers from their stores.  The streets are packed. This always occurs on the first Friday of December, and it ends with fireworks!'s been freezing cold, windy and mild and the crowd is always the same..."
Vicki M. Canada


"Ice and Snowstorm, no power for two days, temps in the low 30's."
Laura J.


"Unpredictable up & down cold front coming. I'm not happy when it's below 70 degrees."
David N. Ohio


"Roller coaster weather here.  Cold wet and windy."
Steve W.


"To answer your question about how much snow we have, TOOO MUCH! lol  Seriously, at this point, we have at least 4 feet of snow on the ground.  And we did have a warm snap with rain, so we lost about 12 inches of snow.   If you step off of my winter walking trails in the bush on my property, you will go over your waist.  They are calling for between 8-12 inches of snow by Sunday of this week with temperatures of - 40 F.  I will take your 60 degrees any day."
Al F Canada


"I hate it."
Hope K.



"Snow, snow, and more snow!! Next winter, we need to be in Florida!!!"
Linda K. Missouri