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The Holidays in CRF Communities

One of the many perks of living in this beautiful state is that you never have to prepare yourself for miserable, gloomy, icy weather. The residents of Cypress Creek Village and Winter Haven Oaks know that if they want to meet a friend for lunch, they don’t have to prepare half an hour in advance to shove on their boots, scrape their windshield, and let their car warm up before leaving. All they have to do is hop in their car (or golf cart) and drive peacefully in the sun to a local spot close to their beautiful home.

Just five days before Christmas, our current temperature in Winter Haven is a pleasant 73 degrees. However, other parts of the country are not so lucky: Ohio is experiencing a bitter 40 degrees, New Jersey is 39, and Michigan is 34 degrees today! Our residents never have to slow down (or shut down) due to the cold – They can golf, fish, play shuffleboard and enjoy other outdoor activities 12 months out of the year!

Your best winters lie ahead of you in sunny Florida! Don’t believe us? Watch this video and see what life can be like this time next year in our new home communities: Cypress Creek Village and Winter Haven Oaks!