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Spring Cleaning = Spring Selling

The housing market is booming, and now is the time to sell! If you have been considering a move, now is your chance to make the most on your current home and begin living the dream in Winter Haven, Florida!



We want you to get top dollar from your home sale so you can rest easy when you settle into your BRAND NEW home in Cypress Creek Village or Winter Haven Oaks.



Now, pick up the broom and begin your exciting next chapter! We have taken "Spring Cleaning" to a whole new level and focused on what buyers care about. Below is a list of simple tasks you can accomplish this Spring to ensure you get top dollar in this blooming market.



Open curtains & blinds to let natural light in. Make the space feel as lively and bright as possible.


Touch up any scuffs on the walls or baseboards. Magic Erasers or fresh paint are both great options.


Fix anything that is broken, and replace light bulbs if needed. This shows that the home was well cared for.


Declutter. Take this opportunity to clear out unwanted/unused items. It also allows buyers to visualize their own belongings in the space.


Vacuum, mop, or sweep floors. Don’t forget outside patios and decks!


Freshen up the entryway. Clear out and cobwebs and add fresh flowers to make the home feel warm & inviting.


Powerwash outdoor surfaces and tidy up landscaping. Put down fresh mulch; Enhance that curb appeal!