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Summer with Our Agents

Summer in Florida is warm and bright, and it promises sea breezes and weekend adventures. As we prepare for our favorite time of year, we thought we would ask our agents what their favorite parts of summer are. Check out their answers shared below, and let us know what your favorite parts of Florida summer are (or what you one day hope they will be)!


Laura Borst, Sales Agent for Cypress Creek Village

Years as an agent at CCV: 4.5


Favorite Summer Activity: Boating and Beach days on Crooked Lake.


Favorite Summer Memory: Camping with friends and family.


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip


Favorite Summer Treat: Fresh Garden vegetables, especially good tomatoes (which you only get in the summertime up north!)


Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: The Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY


Favorite Florida Beach or Lake: My Father lives in St. Pete Beach and we also enjoy going to Treasure Island and Pass-a-grille. Of course we live on beautiful Crooked Lake right here with our own white sand beaches, and we enjoy it every day!


Tell us about your family!

My husband Dave and I have been married 35 years, and we moved here from upstate NY nearly 5 years ago after attending the Florida Frontiersman Alafia River Rendezvous. We attended with some friends who we had met at a similar event in Virginia 25 years ago. We have remained friends over the years and now we are neighbors on Crooked Lake. Dave and I both worked here at CCV (he was in Maintenance and I was in Property Management) until my move into Marketing and Sales about 3 years ago.  We have two children: Matt is 33 and lives in NY and  Zack is 30 and lives in VA. We miss them but talk often and get together for family camping trips and other visits throughout the year.


What are you looking forward to doing with them this summer?  

We had lots of family visitors this past winter: Matt was able to visit for a week, My Sister from NY also came down, along with other various friends from our home area.  I am hoping to see my son Zack, as well.  We always attend the Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous camping trip as a family, which Dave and the boys will still be able to attend this year. It is being held at Fort No. 4 in New Hampshire.  Although FaceTime is not permitted (nor other items not present prior to 1840) we will try to sneak some in, as to not miss out entirely!


Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise your customers.

I guess that our favorite pastime is attending Primitive camping trips which are a reenactment of the early 1800s. They are completely unplugged and an escape from the trials and tribulations of modern life. You can enjoy family and friends, cook over open fires, participate in various games, seminars, and sporting competitions, play music together by candlelight, and enjoy the simpler times. Both of my adult children still attend, as they grew up attending and still love it! Most surprising maybe that I have won several awards for ladies' knife and tomahawk throwing, and have even beat the men’s high score on occasion!


Jennifer Meyers, Sales Agent for Winter Haven Oaks

Years as an agent at WHO: 6


Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming


Favorite Summer Memory: Going on a boat cruise in the bay and seeing dolphins playing in the water is a great memory


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Red Velvet or Waffle Cone flavor


Favorite Summer Treat: Ice cream is my all-time favorite treat, with cheesecake coming in a close second


Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: Anna Maria Island


Favorite Florida Beach or Lake: My favorite vacation spot and beach is AMI (Anna Maria Island)-gorgeous water, fabulous restaurants and so much to do!


Tell us about your family!

My family consists of my husband, Greg, of 33 years, that is retired from Disney after 22 years. My identical twin girls Megan & Emily - Both are married. My 3 grandchildren Damon Joseph, Haydn, and brand new baby girl Aubrey Elle. We are Memaw & Papa to our grandkids and Memaw loves to take the boys (who live locally) to the “Prize Store” AKA Dollar General. Emily lives in NH so we have to travel up there, or they come down here, to visit



What are you looking forward to doing with them this summer?  

I plan on spending a lot of time in my pool with my grandkids, and my hubby cooking out this summer.


Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise your customers.

I think most people would be surprised to know that I have identical twin girls.